Saline Round 390cc breast augmentation, sub-muscular, textured Natrelle implants*

Procedure Details

She's a 24 year old active woman who desired more attention and larger breasts, proportionate with her body, a full C to D cup bra size. She wanted cleavage without a bra. For least expense , as well as for personal preference, she chose saline implants. After trying sizes on at in the office, she selected Allergan Natrelle textured surface round 390 cc moderate profile devices placed beneath chest (pectoralis major) muscle through infra-mammary (scar in crease at bottom of breasts) approach. Her procedure and rapid recovery enabled return to computer work four days after breast augmentation. She enjoyed her new look in swimsuits, summer dresses, and many styles of tops. After photos are at her three month follow up visit.

Saline (salt water) implants

SALINE (salt water) filled breast implants have the same solid silicone shell as silicone GEL filled breast implants.  The difference between saline and gel is NOT the shell of the device, but the fill within the solid silicone envelope.  Saline implants ship sterile from the manufacturer, and arrive in Dr. Laverson’s operating room as empty solid silicone shells.   During the breast augmentation procedure, saline implants are removed from their package, air is withdrawn from the solid shell, and the emptied collapsed device is inserted into a surgically developed space behind the breast.  The space is specifically established to accommodate the chosen breast implant size.  Saline implants are then filled with sterile injectable medical grade salt water to the desired breast volume through a water-tight valve.  The breast implant is then positioned and oriented for the best result. 

GEL implants are filled with silicone gel in the manufacturing facility, and are shipped at their final volume.  They have no valve.  Because they are inserted filled and saline implants are inserted collapsed, gel implants often require a slightly larger skin opening for insertion, and are associated with a slightly longer scar.  Both saline and silicone gel implants may offer very natural soft breast consistency and feel.


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