Breast augmentation for athletic woman with breast asymmetry and scoliosis*

Procedure Details

This 34 year old physically fit active woman (yoga, pilates, cross fit) with mild scoliosis and breast asymmetry (left breast larger than right) wanted larger breasts, proportionate with body size, improved symmetry, and not burdensome to her athletic lifestyle. She tried sizes in the office matched to her base breast width, and selected 450 ml moderate profile Allergan Natrelle implants, positioned beneath her chest muscle. She wanted to nurse (breast-feed) her children and preferred the infra-mammary (scar in crease at bottom of breasts) approach. After photo four months following the procedure. She was pleased with her result, and had returned to all fitness activities at that time. Notice that implants were used to round the shape of her breasts. The short distance between nipple and infra-mammary fold in the "before" photo is longer in the "after" photo, and nipple is more centralized on her breast mound.

Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetry between right and left breasts is common, and is accommodated in various ways at breast augmentation.  Asymmetry may involve differences in the ribs and chest wall between right and left sides, size of breasts, size of areolae and nipples, shape of breasts, position of breasts on the chest, breast glandular volume, skin surface area, and/or other features.  Thoughtful analysis of the geometry and understanding of the woman's needs are important in formulating a treatment plan.  Asymmetries may be straightforward or complex to manage and improve.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are the medical professionals specializing in breast asymmetries and related conditions.


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