Breast Augmentation for Deflated Breasts, with less visible breast stretch marks*

Procedure Details

Before and after breast augmentation and "scarless breast lift." Mother of three wanted to restore breast fullness she lost after children. She also wanted breasts closer together in center. After trying sizes in office, she preferred high profile width matched implants. Mentor SILTEX 550cc round cohesive ("gummy bear") devices were selected, and placed in sub-pectoral (sub-muscular) position through infra-mammary approach. Photo is eight weeks after surgery. Notice the lifting effect implants have on deflated breasts without the scars associated with formal breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. Fullness of upper breasts restored in "after" photo, nipples project forward, and skin of lower breasts lifted off of her chest by implants. Women with deflated breasts after nursing experience this breast lift effect by implants alone, without the added scars of breast lift surgery. Stretch marks ("striae gravidarum") are still present after breast enlargement, but skin expansion by implants fills superficial stretch mark skin depressions. This effect of breast augmentation diminishes visibility of stretch marks. Shadows created by stretch mark related skin depressions are less obvious in all lighting situations after breast enlargement with implants. She had abdominoplasty (tummy tuck, "mommy makeover") at same procedure, and was pleased with her result.


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