Dramatic Anti-Aging Face, Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, and Neck Rejuvenation*

Procedure Details

Every individual should look their best, and modern plastic surgery is easier and more natural than ever before. Past health problems aged this woman, who wanted a better appearance. Aging features seen in "BEFORE" photo include eyelids (tired appearance before), cheeks (dropped lower with age), down turned corners of lips (frown), shape of face (square with jowls), and loose neck skin, with sagging. Results in "AFTER" photo are permanent. Lower eyelid bulges smoothed. Lower eyelid hanging creases and shadows filled to reflect light by fat advancement, NOT by unreliable fat grafting. Cheeks lifted to more youthful location. Face re-shaped with tapering of jaw line for younger more vibrant and happy appearance. Upper lip and corners of lips lifted for pleasant allure. Sagging neck skin and muscle treated by neck lift (neck-lift) with repair of central neck muscle bands and removal of neck fat. Neck skin smoothed and jowls removed to restore youthful features. Technique for natural rejuvenation of face, eyes, and neck is NOT pulling the skin tight. Pulling and stretching aging skin tight creates a fake surgical look, and does not maintain identifying features that compose individual character. The most natural face and neck anti-aging operation is accomplished by gently re-positioning only the aging elements. This allows individuals to still appear like themselves, but younger. The after result is similar to photographs of herself at a younger age.


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