Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

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When the ambitious travel for plastic surgery, they’re increasingly coming to San Diego, California.  The dense distribution of excellent board certified aesthetic plastic surgeons and specialists in San Diego closely parallels other top destinations like Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, New York City, and Miami, Florida.  San Diego Plastic Surgeons participate with local biotechnology firms, and are the first to introduce innovations in many cases.  Local attractions and mild climate make San Diego a desired spot to heal after procedures and to bring family along for assistance with recovery.

Dr. Steve Laverson, owner of Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in Sorrento Valley operates between the beach communities of LaJolla and Del Mar.  He is proud of becoming a destination, and estimates 25% of his clientele travel from out of town for procedures.  “Patients shop the internet for a plastic surgeon whose gallery results demonstrate the appearance they’re looking for.  Everyone wants the most perfect result for their face, breasts, or body, and many  travel for it if they cannot find a doctor near their home with a portfolio of outcomes they like.”

San Diego is a pleasant environment, and every level of service is available to support visitors. “We’ve had patients do vacation rentals, Airbnb, Courtyard by Marriott, The Fairmont Grand Del Mar, and others,” says Laverson.  Some patients are prominent businesspeople, busy professionals, or active socialites in their hometown and prefer to travel for a procedure so friends and colleagues don’t see them for a while after surgery.  Others are singles or Moms who want to realize a vision of their best outcome.  Many like their procedure(s) to remain confidential, and “vacation” is a great alibi for a more youthful refreshed look. 

Another attraction of San Diego is year round sunshine.  Some prefer Winter for a cosmetic procedure and recovery  due to full schedules during Spring, Summer, and Autumn .  If you’re from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, or any snowbound state and you’re planning a January or February recovery, San Diego plastic surgery is highly desired.

There are distinct disadvantages of traveling for Plastic Surgery.  “There’s no place like home” for recovery from facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, Brazilian Butt Lift, and other cosmetic procedures.  Familiarity of one’s home environment is valuable during recovery.  Dr. Laverson recommends that patients drive or fly to San Diego at least two days before their procedure to meet him, to understand their procedure, to become established in their surroundings, and to prepare transportation and other details.  If you travel for Plastic Surgery in San Diego, after your initial recovery and follow up doctor’s visit(s) you return home, but still need longer term communication with your San Diego Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Laverson follows up with remote patients electronically by phone, e-mail, or by videoconferencing.  Ultimately, personal follow up with your surgeon is best to evaluate your outcome and perform minor adjustments that may be important to the success of your procedure.  These require a return trip.  Some visitors justify this second San Diego vacation as medical leave, and eagerly anticipate their post-operative appointment!

For more information, visit, or call Dr. Steve Laverson at 858-295-4001. 

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