Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery Breast Lift

Breast shape is complex, but the breast skin surface area to breast gland volume relationship greatly influence breast appearance. If pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, and/or aging have deflated, loosened, or lowered your breasts to a sagging position, mastopexy (breast lift) elevates them higher on the chest and fills them to a more youthful, round shape. Implants can be added to increase size and fullness. Areola size can be enlarged or reduced, and nipple size can be reduced if necessary. Inverted nipples may be corrected. Breast Lift (mastopexy: masto=breast, pexy=lift,stabilize) surgery lifts sagging breasts to a more youthful position, higher upon your chest. The procedure also rounds and re-shapes your breast for more full and robust figure. Some women naturally have floppy or sagging breasts, but most develop this problem after giving birth to their children and/or losing weight. If you want breasts that look like they do in your bra, but you don’t want to have to wear a bra, then breast lift may be for you. Breast lift offers good results for most women. If breasts have dropped down over the bottom of your ribs, they harm your figure by widening your waist, and creating a heavy appearance.