Fitness Tummy Tuck

Are you interested in a tummy tuck but want to know the different between a traditional tummy tuck and a fitness tummy tuck? Dr. Laverson explains the difference. Dr. Laverson performs an advanced, highly evolved version of conventional tummy tuck that shapes abdominal surface contours in ways the traditional procedure performed by most surgeons does not. Before deciding upon Dr. Laverson, compare his results (gallery) with other surgeons to be sure this shape is what you want. Skin and fat are sculpted and re-positioned to simulate the appearance of a youthful, lean, physically fit abdominal wall. Dr. Laverson strives for the result to match your other features. His ability to shape your abdominal surface depends on many factors, including your abdominal wall compliance, thickness of fat layer, position of belly button, previous abdominal surgery, and others. The procedure narrows your waist, removes loose excess lower abdominal skin and fat (below the belly button), and shapes your abdominal surface to a more youthful, fit contour. A traditional tummy tuck procedure can result in pulling the skin tight and punching out a belly button. Dr. Laverson's advanced technique results in an abdomen that looks like naturally beautiful sculpted abs with a scar placed lower and small behind the underwear and bikini line. Find out more at