Day #23 recovery plastic surgery+ break down on fillers for chin augmentation

Day #23 recovery plastic surgery+ break down on fillers for chin augmentation

Hello. Okay, this is plastic surgery recovery day 23 I have a lot of conjunctiva on my right eye. It's like this... I don't know, it's white and crusty when I wake up and it just collects, and then throughout the day it just waterworks and it's a lot sorer than this side. So I'm going to figure out what I can do about that besides using the hot compresses at the doctor. Maybe I need... I really think I'm probably going to need some antibiotic drops for that. And then everything else is just, it's on its way. It's super slow at this point. The nose is going to be a slow process but I already love how it's more upturned and not down turned. I feel like it's a little bit like a pig nose but I know it will get more narrow. So I don't have to worry about being miss piggy with my pink hair and my fricking rounded nose with the big nostrils right now, because that's not going to be the look.

So the next thing I want to talk about now is is chin filler because chin filler is a really big deal and a ton of people do it and it's a very popular procedure. And nobody talks about it because nobody really talks about any of this shit because it's frowned upon by society. Like your vain if you do stuff for yourself, if you go through surgical procedures. But yet people waste their money doing stupid shit all the time. That is not solving world hunger either. Like snowboarding, that shit costs six or $700 a day and people do it all the time. And they spend 1500 on their snowboarding outfit, but yet it's socially acceptable and cool to snowboard. But it's not cool to enhance your appearance surgically.

I don't, I don't get it. You're not solving world hunger by sitting at the bar all day and drinking and fricking ordering tacos. So why... I don't understand why this isn't more socially acceptable and why there aren't more resources out there for women and men who want to get stuff done. So right now I'm going to break down four different fillers that people commonly get in their chin area. I have no fricking chin and I don't have any filler in there now. But you can tell it's this tiny little dimple. I've never had a chin. I've always looked like a Simpsons character. I've mentioned that in the other video. And this women's like, "You have a feminine chin." No, I just, I don't have a chin.

Speaker 1:
So for the chin there are several options you can do Hyaluronic, which those fillers dissolve. So that falls in the Juvederm and Restylane category. Or you could do the more permanent fillers like Sculptra, or Radiesse and or Bellafill. I've gotten all of them. I've done Sculptra. Sculptra to me is too round for the chin. It gives too much of a rounded puffy pillowy look. That's better for the cheeks. For somebody who has cancer or something that they're suffering from facial wasting.

And then like Juvederm and the ones like Juvederm, like the Hyaluronic, no because it moves like Voluma. It moves. It looks really good for one day and then it's just moves and then it looks weird. You know, it just doesn't get... I feel like the chin should be pronounced. You should have... If you're going to add to your chin, you should have control over the way that it looks. It should look fixed. The look that you get when you get it injected should be the look that stays. And with the Hyaluronic you're going to be disappointed. You're going to be disappointed.

Okay. So next is Sculptra. Like I said, it's too rounded. Radiesse, I like Radiesse but Radiesse is too hard. It's too high. It gives a very hard look. If you do your cheeks... When I did my cheeks with Radiesse, I did it right here and people were telling me I looked like Maleficent. It just looks like this bump right in there. So I don't know. I mean it's cool, but it's just... Radiesse is just... it's a little bit too harsh I think, for the face. So that leaves Artefill/Bellafill. Bellafill has a really bad rep because it's a permanent filler. It lasts five years, but really it only lasts three.

I've had it in my face. I had it in my chin and at the time I hated it because it changed my appearance dramatically. My grandma was looking at me weird, but it is got the softest look and the most consistent appearance. So it will give you that sculpted look but it also looks soft and feminine. You have to be ready for a change. It's going to look different. You are going to look different and as it settles and as the... I think it's made from bovine collagen, which is cow collagen, like cow molecules or something. As they grow it will change so your face will slightly change. You'll notice very slight changes for the next year. You could use it to sculpt the jaw line. I mean it will... I think it's really good stuff. It's just that people have a lot of problems with there being skin... issues with bumps, lumps.

So you really have to go to an experience injector. And if you have a compromised immune system, you may experience more of those. They're called granulomas and they can because a lot of problems. If you get a granuloma on the wrong place you can get nerve damage, and that chin has a ton of nerves. So you really want to go to somebody experienced, that does Bellafill all the time if you're going to get Bellafill. I'm not a doctor so I'm not recommending it. I'm just saying that in my experience when I've gotten it, it's given me the best results. I've looked a lot younger. There's a lot of collagen growth there and I liked the shape that it gave my chin. It also sculpted out the... Just the fact that I did it in my chin sculpted out the rest of my face.

So that is my opinion about chin fillers. I've read about the chin implant, like the silicone. No, do not. Well, okay yes, maybe. But the thing is, like I said, I read the studies and they do erode the bone. And I think that the only reason those same studies about eroding the bone haven't applied for cheek implants is because there has not been enough research done. But I'll bet you that they'll find that it actually erodes the bone in the cheeks as well. I mean, as you age, that's just a natural process. Your bones erode, except your nose gets bigger. So if you have any questions, I'll probably make a separate video all about the chin. I'm having a consultation with somebody about my chin tomorrow. So if you have any questions just leave it in the comments. Thank you.